Natural Beauty

Just a few months ago Too Faced re-branded a few products and also came out with some new ones. The It Comes Naturally collection has two eyeshadow palettes, a face palette, lipsticks, and bronzers. 

This collection is absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen some of the palettes in store and the packaging is just to die for. Its sleek and would be beautiful displayed on a vanity. The collection has a new face palette with blushes, bronzers, and a highlight. A new all matte eyeshadow palette. A repackaged eyeshadow palette (which I already own and I loved the original). A new line of lipsticks. Lastly, they repackaged their bronzers.

When I first saw this collection released the lipsticks jumped out at me first. Mainly because I already own the two repackaged items. The face palette looks gorgeous but the two bronzers are too dark for me. So lipsticks is what I got!


The two shades I picked up are Pout About It and Overexposed. Pout About It is described as a terracotta pink and Overexposed is a smoky lavender.


The packaging on the lipsticks is just as gorgeous as the rest of the collection. The color of the outer packaging correlates to the color of the lipstick. Overlaid is a pretty lace pattern and the bottom is a nice soft gold.


These lipsticks are so rich, smooth, and pigmented. These apply like a dream, they go on so easily with just one pass. These are made with coconut butter so they are very moisturizing on the lips. The finish of these are creamy and as they wear throughout the day the creamy finish wears down a bit but the color remains.

Left: Overexposed Right: Pout About It

I highly recommend this line of lipsticks to anyone who is looking for a great everyday nude shade. There are 10 great shades to choose from, peachy nudes to chocolaty brown.

Have a great Friday!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. chambrayandchampagne says:

    The formula sounds amazing! I need to try these!


    1. They are fantastic!


  2. I picked up Strip Search and love the shade….now I need Overexposed! I just love creamy formula!


    1. The formula is amazing! I definitely need more colors


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