Golden Nugget

When it came to makeup I used to be all about the eyes. Shadows, palettes, liner, mascara, these were my favorite things to shop for. Lately I’ve been on a bit of a hunt for face products and branching out of my usual rut. 

I recently talked about the new Nars blush palette (here) which I still adore and use probably every other day. But when Benefit released a new boxed blush I knew I had to try it. I have the Benefit blush palette from last year so I knew if the formula was the same I would probably love this one just as much.



The new blush by Benefit is called Gold Rush and is a warm peachy golden blush. I picked up the mini size of this blush since I wanted to try it but I almost never hit pan on blushes. Side note, I love that Benefit has mini sizes for some their blushes, bronzers, and highlights. The packaging is the same for the mini size and the full size. Cute little boots and spurs on the front, the mini still comes with a mirror and brush!


The blush has a ‘nugget’ design on the top with a slight golden over spray. Although there is a golden shimmer throughout the blush itself. It doesn’t show up on the skin like chunky glitter, it just gives your skin a very subtle glow. Even though this is a mini size I don’t have any problem getting my blush brush in there for application.


The blush for me is very subtle. Which I like a lot. Warmer blushes can very quickly look to muddy on my skin so I like that this is very build-able and more on the sheer side. I think this would look great on light to tan skin tones, unfortunately because it is sheer it may not show up very well on deeper skin tones.

To compare this to other Benefit blushes Galifornia and Coralista this blush is much less pink than either of those blushes and a bit more warm. Gold Rush is more peach than coral like Coralista.


If you are a Benefit blush fan then I think you would really like this one and it would make a great addition to any collection. This blush is also included in the new Benefit blush palette, Blush Bar, which one of my best friends picked up and is in love with it.

Which Benefit blush is your favorite? Also keep an eye out for later this week, I have something new and different coming up!


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