Weightless Flawless Skin

Over the past few weeks I have been trying out a new foundation from Bobbi Brown and Spoiler alert: I love it!

I used to be that person that would find a holy grail foundation and never try another one. A lot of times I never wanted to spend the money on a new foundation because my skin tone can be hard to match. I’m very fair with neutral undertones, not too pink not too yellow. But this past year I have made an effort to try some new foundations and I’ve found some new favorites along the way!


A few months back Bobbi Brown released a new foundation, Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation. At the time I didn’t pay it any attention but I was in Sephora a couple weeks back and spotted it and I was drawn in.


I don’t own anything from Bobbi Brown, but it is a brand that has been around for a while and is loved by makeup artists. I always associate Bobbi Brown with a more natural makeup look. They don’t normally come out with products in wild shades which, I think, makes it friendly to the average shopper.


This new foundation promises to be a 16 hour long wear foundation that is medium to full coverage. It has a natural matte finish that looks weightless on the skin and it comes in 30 shades. It is recommended for normal to oily skin types, with the way this dries down I could see it emphasizing dry patches. The bottle is a frosted glass with a pump. I’ve traveled with this quite a few times and I’ve never worried about it breaking and the cap always stays on.


I purchased my foundation in the shade Porcelain, which is described as very fair beige with yellow undertones. I would say that is a fair description, the shade is not overly yellow. I always have a hard time with Tarte foundations because some of them are SO yellow.

Here is my naked face before foundation. 

The consistency is a little thick, when I pump it out onto my palette it is not runny at all. I also find that not a lot of product comes out with each pump so it takes about 3 pumps to get the amount of product I need to achieve the level of coverage I want.

I dot the foundation all over my face and blend it in with a beauty blender. I prefer using this foundation with a sponge over a brush. With a brush I found that it made the foundation a little streaky and I, surprisingly, achieved better coverage with the sponge.

Foundation, no concealer

I find it easy to cake up this foundation. I did it the first time I tried it, you don’t need much of this product to get good coverage. I would say the foundation is a high medium coverage, if you try to build it up too much it can look a little cakey.

This covers most imperfections but won’t make them disappear completely. But I like that it does allow your skin to show through so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a lot of makeup. The foundation does feel weightless on the skin and does last all day on me. I wore this the other day to work and then went to a movie with some girl friends after and when I got home my makeup still looked great. It hadn’t separated and it kept most of my oil at bay.

So far I’ve been really loving this foundation. It is a great color match, gives me weightless coverage while still looking natural.

If you haven’t thought about giving this a try you really should!



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  1. geniussr says:

    it really worked well on your skin.. love the weightless and natural look… thanks for recommending..❤️



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