Nabla Cosmetics

I have a whole new brand to share with you today! If you follow a lot of beauty influencers then you might have seen this brand before, if you don’t, then let me introduce you to Nabla Cosmetics

Nabla Cosmetics is an Italian indie brand that is cruelty free and almost all of their products are vegan as well. (Only some of their products have beeswax in them) For us in the States I’ve been able to find their products on their website or Beauty Bay.

This brand came to my attention in the fall when they launched their Dreamy eyeshadow palette. I had been looking for a palette with some beautiful purples and this palette spoke to me but it sold out so quickly. Then in early spring they came out with the Soul Blooming palette and it also sold out almost instantly. A few weeks ago I was finally able to find both palettes in stock on Beauty Bay and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I’ve never reviewed two palettes in the same post before so hopefully you don’t mind that this post is a bit longer than normal.

Both of these palettes are just so gorgeous, from the outside packaging to the palette itself. There are 12 eye shadows in each palette with mattes, shimmers, pearls, and crystal finishes.


What drew me to these palettes the most was that it wasn’t just another warm toned palette. A lot of the shades are more neutral tones with some warms and cools. Both palettes have versatile color stories so you can create so many looks with just one palette. The packaging is compact, sturdy, and they both come with a mirror with makes them perfect for travelling.

Lets start with the Dreamy palette


How beautiful is this palette?! Those purples just speak to me on a different level. Illusion, Sistina, Senorita, Lullaby, and Dogma are all Mattes. Immaculate, Vanitas, Byzantine, Metal Cupid, Inception, and Rose Gold are all Fluid Metals (their shimmer formula). Delirum is what they call Pearl and this shade has micro sparkles in it.

While there are some shades that are a bit more colorful, all of these are still so wearable. You could create a really beautiful all matte look, A warm golden eye look or a deep smoky purple eye.


Swatched from top to bottom: Immaculate, Illusion, Vanitas, Delirium, Byzantine, Sistina, Metal Cupid, Inception, Senorita, Rose Gold, Lullaby, and Dogma.


In this photo you can see just how metallic those Fluid Metals shades are.

The Soul Blooming palette


This palette just seemed so different to me. The combination of blues and peachy corals are so beautiful! In this palette Gea, Chamomile, Bolero, Middle Karma, Flowery, and Caravaggio are all Matte shades. Garden Gate, Climbing Rose, Garcon, Anemone, and Philosophy are all Fluid Metal finishes. Honey Drip is their new Crystal formula and is a wet effect top coat.


Swatched from top to bottom: Honey Drip, Gea, Chamomile, Bolero, Middle Karma, Garden Gate, Climbing Rose, Garcon, Anemone, Flowery, Philosophy, and Caravaggio.


Again in this photo you can see how metallic Anemone and Philosophy are and the beautiful duo chrome shift Garden Gate has.

I am so impressed with these palettes. The mattes are so so so smooth and buttery. The only matte shadows I have that come close in texture are the Lorac Pro mattes. The Fluid Metal and Peal shades are just so creamy and apply so beautifully without a primer or setting spray. I can’t wait to create some tutorials for using these palettes.

Which shades do you love the most? I’d love to know!


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  1. Flowery is just SO unique! Both palettes have such a good color story. Thanks for reviewing–your swatches are really nice!


    1. Thank you! Flowery is one of my favorite colors too. I don’t have anything like it in my collection.

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