Total Blur

I feel like its safe to say that most of us want to have flawless looking skin. If you aren’t blessed to have it naturally then you have to fake it. I picked up two new-to-me products from Milk Makeup that promise to help me fake it till I make it. 

Milk Makeup popped up on my radar a few years ago when I spotted it at Sephora. They’ve had products that have intrigued me but I have never made the leap to purchase anything until recently.


Milk Makeup products always stand out to me because of the packaging. Its always minimal, sleek, and no fuss. Everything almost always comes in a stick form or a tube. Sometimes it feels like I’m buying something futuristic – like this is the future of beauty packaging.


I picked up the Milk Blur Stick (the mini size) and the Milk Blur Spray.

The Blur Stick comes in a roll up deodorant like packaging that you can apply by swiping it all over your skin, or just in the areas you want to blur. The stick itself is a beige flesh toned color but appeared completely transparent on the skin.


The Blur Spray is a setting spray that promises to blur skin, mattifies and will help prolong your makeup. You must shake it before you spray it. Now just for comparison, this spray is only 2.3 ounces where as the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray is 4 ounces. So for $4 less you are getting almost half the product. Whether that is a  deal breaker for you I don’t know but I wanted to make my readers aware of that.


I applied the Blur Stick just to the center of my face: the sides of my nose, chin, and forehead. I did not apply any other primer. Here is a close up of my naked skin and the pores by my nose. Now I don’t think I have very large pores but they are there.


I did notice after applying the primer my pores did look a little blurred, before I applied any concealer or foundation.

Don’t mind the extreme close up, but here is my skin after using the Blur Stick, foundation, and the Blur Spray. I have to say my skin looks great! My pores are essentially non-existent.


The Blur Spray is very interesting. The mist is very fine and I like that, there is also a minty smell to it that some people might not mind or you might hate it. But this spray is unlike any setting spray I have. It really does what it says it does, it blurs my skin and helps my skin stay matte throughout the day. It does give your skin a powdery feel after you spray it, if you touch your face lightly. It also gives a slight powdery look to your face so if you hate that look then you won’t like this at all. Next time I try it I’ll spray some Mac Fix+ on top to see if that fixes the powdery look and not effect the product.


I’m going to keep trying these out and will give you an update on my Instagram. But my first impression is that these are great. The Blur Stick is one of the best blurring primers I have used and the Blur Spray is something totally new and different.


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  1. Great post! I was a total Milk Makuep newb before my most recent purchase as well. The setting spray reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Peach Perfect one… It would be very interesting to compare!


    1. I haven’t tried the Too Faced spray (I do love the primer, foundation, and powder from the same line) does that one blur pores too?

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      1. It’s great! You know, I’ve never seen it marketed for pore blurring, but it has a similar effect to the setting powder in that it kind of softens the appearance of the skin!


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